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Less Than Perfect Credit Mortgages CA

Are you one of the many borrowers searching for a mortgage but feel you will be turned down because of your past credit history? Late payments, debt, bankruptcy or foreclosure are all indications of someone suffering from bad credit.

Some borrowers can also be turned down for a mortgage because they are self-employed and unable to show three years of their banking accounts and tax returns. If you are personally in this situation, don’t panic there are mortgages available for you. You may feel stuck with no way out but there is hope.

Bad credit mortgages are no longer impossible to receive. There are multiple types of mortgages available even for a person with less than perfect credit. No one has perfect credit.

Someone who filed for bankruptcy or a foreclosure may feel they are unable to obtain a mortgage but that is not the case anymore. Many people in today’s society have a past history of poor credit, but there may be a solution. Being qualified for a bad credit mortgage can be the initial step taken to put you back on track, the track towards rebuilding your credit.

The dream of owning your own home, car, or paying off old debts seems more in reach. Having a place to call home can be fulfilling and possible with bad credit mortgages. Bad credit mortgages have very competitive rates and fast funding is available for all types of people - even you. Fill out our simple mortgage pre-application and let the possibility of finally qualifying for a mortgage become reality. It’s all available with the simple click of your mouse.

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